New Borla Exhast for 2022-2023 Braptors!


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Sep 7, 2023
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North Dakota
Hey everyone, just wanted to share this video just in case nobody has seen it that came out from Borla 6 days ago. It shows Borla's new Cat-Back exhaust that's specifically made for 2022-2023 Bronco Raptor. It keeps the valved exhast/4 exhast modes that the stock exhast has which has got me very excited, and the only braptor exhast that does this to my knowledge. Seems to just make that great exhast sound of the braptor louder, and according to them has no droning effect while driving. It also has two different endpipe configurations for those that are worried about clearance, or those that want to show off the dual exhast. Currently they say its "Coming Soon", but you are able to get email notifications when you're able to buy it. Definitely am going to be buying and getting this installed once purchasable. Let me know what you guys think about it and if you guys would be considering it as well.