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    So dealers aren't getting a lot of allocations.

    pretty sure the Ford designers and IT staff got all excited and posted stuff on line.... then the engineers were like... ummm it doesn't work like that... Ford admin is pushing out dealers with lack of info.... they make big statements like elon musk does for tesla then can't deliver
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    Order pushed to 2023 MY

    only diff you can no longer order erupt green, don t know about other colors because i am staying code orange, and only 1 bead lock capable option wheel (not 2), and zero cost sound deadening added to top. (no idea what that it is) but you can delete, so i did until i know what material it is...
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    Order pushed to 2023 MY

    order was in march 2022 ordered in march 2022, when Braptor could first be ordered delay because the dealer wanted to be a whore and add a markup of 20k re negotiated and official on 3/23/22 (when they thought they might loose there allotment)
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    Order pushed to 2023 MY

    My dealer said I should have gotten an email about converting my order to 2023. I did it yesterday, all options are the same price but they raised the base MSRP from $68500 to $73780. $5280 more! and no help with price protection saying Ford may give a rebate. Does anyone know about price...
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    Anyone that has a confirmed order get any updates???

    My dealers Ford rep told me 2 months ago that production would be scheduled by November, now she no longer works for Ford and was told yesterday my order will likely be pushed into a 2023 model year. Has anyone heard if ANY BRaptors have been built other than the preproduction ones?