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  1. BRRRAptor

    38x12.5x17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on Braptor w/No Mods????

    I've seen a few posts stating 38" Nitto's may rub. Any confirmation on specifically the 38" Ridge Grapplers fitting on Braptor w/ no mods?? 38x12.5x17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  2. BRRRAptor

    Selling my New BFG Tires KO2 A/T - 37x12.50x17

    I haven't. Was told they would be fine. However, i just read on the Bronco G6 that the Nitto Trail Recon "may" rub. I'm going to post for confirmation.
  3. BRRRAptor

    Recommendation for Seat Covers

    'm looking for seat covers for my Braptor but can't find any that actually fit. Bronco 6G had a thread stating these would fit. Based on that and the description on Amazon (stating they fit the Broncos and Bronco Raptors), I bought a set. However, they don't fit. The seat back tops are different...
  4. BRRRAptor

    Selling my New BFG Tires KO2 A/T - 37x12.50x17

    Nitto Ridge Grapplers 38's. don't think the inch difference will effect the performance, suspension tuning. Thoughts??
  5. BRRRAptor

    Worth the wait!

    over 2 years!
  6. BRRRAptor

    Selling my New BFG Tires KO2 A/T - 37x12.50x17

    Thread starter Add bookmark #1 Just picked up my Bronco Raptor and swapping out the tires. These are brand new BF Goodrich KO2 Tires. 37x12.50x17. If you have a Braptor, then I'm sure your not interested. Pass along to anyone you know looking to get 37's. Thanks. $300/each selling all 5 as a...
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    Worth the wait!

    Worth the wait! Can't wait to take her out for some fun! Need to buy another house so I can fit her in with a roof rack.
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    March 24th production schedule

    Thanks. Did you add the "Golden Ticket Holder" to my profile picture? How did I get that?
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    March 24th production schedule

    No. I'm working with the GM. Unfortunately, he hasn't had much info to share.
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    March 24th production schedule

    Looking at this, maybe my order has not been placed by my dealer to Ford. Says In Progress???
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    March 24th production schedule

    So I got the Ford email on 3/21/22 stating my order had chanced. WHen i check the order in my FOrd account it shows Ordering with Dealer??? But when I use the backdoor link, it shows the order accepted. where would the priority code be?
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