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    New to Group: Traded in Badlands for Raptor!

    The graphics look good on the black. I was never sure if it would match well, but it does!
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    New and looking for Accessories - KS

    I don't think I have seen a color matched fenders in Area 51 yet. Post it up when you do! Welcome to the forum as well!
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    Anyone Install a Leveling Kit yet?

    Yep, went the the RPG as well on my F150 raptor.
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    Can you take a pic of the whole Raptor so I can see how they look over all?
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    Raptor in NorCal

    Welcome to the site! Cactus grey is such an awesome color!
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    Is the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor a Good SUV? 5 Things We Like, 4 We Don’t

    So you wouldn't take your family on a 6 hour trip?
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    Vinyl Lettering for Bronco Raptor Grill.

    Was curious if anyone has put on vinyl lettering on the grill lettering yet? Been looking at a site called vinyl sometimes.
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    Price unpon delivery

    I was able to get mine set on a $5000 markup. Not bad compared to others I have seen.
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    Code orange vs gen 2

    I'm surprised to see it stand a little taller then the Gen2 and the Bronco raptor looks to be almost as wide.
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    New Member

    Welcome. Has your order been pushed back or did you get it in September?
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    Not bad at all. Have you seen any differences since then?
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    A ton of Bronco Raptors Built!

    Do any of you see any with graphics on it? I don't...
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    Raiti's Rides talks about if the Bronco Raptor is better then the Wrangler 392

    I think the other videos here have gone shown the details of the ins and outs of the Bronco Raptor, but this video has a cool driving section at around the 20 min mark. I'm excited!!
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    Just added the gif option.

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    Just my luck...

    Dude! I'd be bummed for sure! So you thought the fenders weren't bad?
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    I haven't. Have you heard others getting them?
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    2023 Bronco Raptor and the 2023 F150 Raptor R tearing it up in the desert.

    The video is in spanish but it shows the Bronco Raptor behind him and also shows both the Raptor R and Bronco Raptor tearing it up in the dirt! The Bronco Raptor has zero exhaust sound in this video as the Raptor R is way to loud. :p
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    How do you like the tail lights?

    Why does he like them more then his Jeep?
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    I honestly think they will continue with them as they seem to be coming in the normal Broncos so I don't think there will be a shortage on them.